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Things You Should Know About Enlightened People

Do you spend way too much time under trees hoping for sudden enlightenment, but nothing comes. Is enlightenment your ultimate goal in life?

In this article I would like to share with you some common traits of enlightened people and give you the opportunity to check out how enlightened you are.

ready ?

They live in the now

They understand that the past and the future are only a mental construction.. In reality, we always live in the now.Their intense focus on the present lead them to perceive a strong sense of aliveness in everything around them.

They make nothing a means to something else

They have no purpose because they are already complete. They enjoy every activity they do for the sake of it not for what it may bring them in the future. They don’t spend their time wishing they be somewhere else. They don’t wait for anything to come. Nothing they are doing is a means for an end. The spiritual teacher (name will be revealed upon request) has a sticker on his car that says “I’d rather be here now”. What are you waiting for?

They are ego less

Because they live in the now, they don’t care about their “personal story” that is, a story solely based on their interpretation of past experiences. Their ego disappears because it is nothing more than a mental construction based on thoughts. It is not our true being.

Failure, success, honour, disgrace, recognition or money means nothing for them. Those are mere social conventions. They don’t need to impress anybody. They live their life and have no worries.

They realize their body and their mind is not who they are

The entire cells in our body are renewed every 7 years and our thoughts just come and go so both our body and our mind cannot constitute the essence of who we really are.They become the witness of their own body and mind, and observe the world with detachment.

They don’t take life seriously

For them the world is a playground.They understand that absolutely nothing that happens in the world have the power to affect their true essence.

 They don’t care how long they are going to live

Because they live in the present, the idea of time disappears. We can only live in the present, and the present is timeless.If we stop thinking, our idea of past and future disappears.Then, dying in 5 seconds or in 50 years doesn’t matter anymore.

Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, But Today is a Gift. That’s why it’s called The Present.-Master Oogway(Kung Fu Panda)

They live their own life and let others do the same

They are free and let others be free. They have no expectations of others and demand nothing to them emotionally speaking. They don’t expect anyone to bring them fulfilment and are not responsible to fulfil other people either. They understand they have no right to force people to stay with them.By the way, is it real love if you cling to others and refuse to let them go? Is it real love if your happiness comes first and their happiness come second?

They are happy by themselves

They are back to they natural state, that is, the state of happiness experienced by little children. Their happiness comes from within. They don’t need anyone or anything to make them happy. They truly enjoy the company of others but they don’t cling to them. They are happy being with others but they are also perfectly happy being alone.

At The Deepest Level Of Being,You Are One With All That Is